In Clinton Township fire pits will be allowed with the following stipulations;

– must be a commercial portable fire pit with a screen top or chiminea – fire pit must not exceed 36” in diameter
OFC 307.4.3

– must be 15’ away from any structure (house, fence, shed, etc)
OFC 307.4.3

– must be within reach of an operable garden hose
OFC 307.5

– fire must be contained within the appliance
OFC 307.4.3

– must have adult supervision at all times
OFC 307.5

– only clean seasoned firewood will be used

– fire pits can not be used during air quality alerts or during high wind warnings
OFC 307.1.1

– if there are any complaints, immediate extinguishment must be done
OFC 307.1.1 & 307.3

Prior to purchasing a fire pit or chiminea, check with your neighbors for the possibility of health concerns. Any other “Open Burning” must be approved by the Division of Fire and must have a permit.

Adopted May, 2014

Brian Fraley

Fire Chief