The Clinton Township Division of Fire offers a state of the art EMS program led by Dr. Craig Key, MD, FACEP and Dr. Ashley Larrimore, MD, FACEP. Both Medical Directors are Assistant Professors of Emergency Medicine at OSU.  For over ten years Dr. Key has kept Clinton Township at the forefront of EMS technology and patient care.  As Medical Director, Dr. Key develops EMS protocols, performs quarterly run reviews and counsels the Fire Chief on current EMS issues. Dr. Larrimore recently started as an Assistant Medical Director and is reviewing protocols for updates and assisting in Quality Improvement programs.

The Division’s medic responds to approximately 4000 calls per year.  A minimum of 2 paramedics respond on the medic 24/7. The Division’s engine (pumper) carries the necessary equipment for Advanced Life Support care.

All full-time and part-time members are State of Ohio certified Paramedics or Basic EMTs.  Additional certifications include CPR, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Advanced Life Support.  Members are also certified through the State of Ohio as Paramedic Continuing Education Instructors allowing the Division to conduct training in house.